Thursday, February 09, 2006

starts from zero again

I'm clearing my leave now, plus it's a cny festival, I got a long holiday. But this is not a sweet holiday, lot of things to settle. Been busy working on branding for my fren's company, my car had sent to workshop finally, replaced my coffee table to a proper working table, no more back-pain problem... and, time to work on my financial plan, more gadget to buy in this year, MacBook Pro, Herman Muller chair, 120gb external hardisk, Fax machine, Laser printer, Ipod Video... blah blah. Think big!! If I want myself to be success! But work hard after the big thinking. About to 25 years old but still have a single digit in my bank, how sad?

Will start my work again on next monday, it's more like a new beginning for me FINALLY, Huh? I've trashed all the bad memories just only, including my blog entries. I don't know, broken up with my ex, and she got a new bf now. Congrate her. Things already happened and nothing much I can do. Let the fate comes and goes naturally. New year resolutions? To start a new life. Rebranding of myself? I should say to make myself more perfect, more professional, and more rich! This might be a last entry for my blog. I stop gym, I stop blogging, every seconds equal to wealthness. This will be a busy year for me. Happy New Year 2006. And hey, shir, I love you, and I miss you so much here. Kampai for your 17pm brand!